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This page is derived from Botchok's Memory Card Depot

Note: You'll need the PC Comms Link to use these game saves. All of these files are in zip format.

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Bio Hazard (Japanese)

Christmas Nights

Cyberbots (Japanese)

Daytona USA (Japanese)

Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

Daytona USA: Circuit Edition (Japanese)

Dead or Alive (Japanese)

Elevator Action Returns 2 (Japanese)

Fighter's Megamix (Japanese)

Fighter's Megamix (Japanese)

Fighting Vipers (Japanese)

Guardian Heroes-

Hang On GP 95 (Japanese)

Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 (Japanese)

Last Bronx (Japanese)


Manx T.T. (Japanese)

Metal Slug (Japanese)

Night Warriors-

Nights: Into Dreams

Nights: Into Dreams

Rockman X4

Sega Rally Championship (Japanese)

Steam gear mashnewin.gif (3186 bytes)

          -by deathpoet1@erols.com
          -game save right before the last boss

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

Super Robot Wars Final newin.gif (3186 bytes)

          - by chongck@hotmail.com

          - interesting save , have some secret character

Three Dirty Dwarves

Tomb Raider

Vampire Hunter: Darkstalker's Revenge (Japanese)

Virtua Cop (Japanese)

Virtua Cop 2 (Japanese)

Virtua Fighter 2 (Japanese)

Virtua Fighter Kids

Virtua Fighter Kids (Japanese)

X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Japanese)