Leo 's Word

Why AGSCC update so slow ??
We don't have enough codes to update ??
Not true !! Our team have many many codes !!
but we have not updated .....why??
Because i don't want AGSCC 's codes being used by Creative Games Ltd. for publishing "GAME CODE".

Now , all things changed....
updator will continue to update codes and posted their codes on the secret board.
Only code creator can enter that place .,
any codes thiefs ..."good bye"

We will post the codes in the normal page later ....
"Game Code" no chance to copy!!

Many people request me to add a new section for N64.
So i will add it , and i am collecting N64 codes. If ypu have N64 codes , please send it to me. Thanks.

Now, the most important is your comment , please give us comment for the change by signing our guest book or mail to me directly.

P.S. I hope all of you help us by visiting our sponsors.., please i need money to maintain this site ,Thanks!!