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Producer of Action Replay : 

Datel online
Datel is the makers of the pro action replay and pc comms links and provide some game codes.
EMS is the producer of Pro action replay which is in Hong Kong and provide the EMS software for par which can play movie.
Karat Corporation
Karat is the Offical Dealer of Datel which sell Pro Action Replay in the Japan Region.

Pro Action Replay / Gameshark page :

Game Shark Codes Creators Club   -- best
GSCCCis the best USA game shark code site in the world.
Also provide some import codes.
Joker Game Home Page
Joker is the first one to use joker commands, orginial joker command page, provide updated codes and many info. for the great joker playback action replay code book.
VideoGame World  newin.gif (3186 bytes)
Provide latest GameShark Codes and some winamp skins.
Very Cool Site !!

Botchok 's Game Shark Code  
All the codes in GS Depot will be here and all the codes and gamesave from botchok .
Executive Game Shark Codes Site
EGSCS provide many game saves and codes.
Game Buster's Paradise
It provide many pal codes and is the best pal codes site.
Gameshark Central
A group of videogamers who enjoy the Gameshark/Pro
Action Replay/X-Ploder devices to extend the replayability of games.
new playstation related site provide codes.
playstation related site and provide some reviews...
xiaNaix PC Comms Link  
Many PC-Comms information...don't miss it
provide game shark codes by AR.Zone
Surfing With The Sharks
It is the Offical gameshark site providing US code.
Official Game Shark Depot Archives
This page is dedicated to Botchok who worked tirelessly to bring us Gameshark codes for the hottest games on the market.


Fighting Chronicle
AsC-33- provide all fighting game codes  , FAQ for fighting games