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As many people ask about the caetla codes, here i give brief account for these codes.

When facing codes begin with "9"
It is a combination of two codes , these two codes differ from two (hex)
for example:
80000002 1234 and 80000004-5678


When facing codes begin with "B"
It is really a great function that datel pro action replay don't provide!
Only provide by caetla rom action replay.
Simply , it is a short form of codes !!
This type of codes can use with other function codes begin with "3","8","9"

Basic operation:
LLL  = no. of codes included in this set
AAAA =first 8 digits differ from ?? (hex)
DDDDDDDD =last 4 digits differ from ?? (hex)

for example:

80000000 0001
80000002 0002
80000004 0003
80000006 0004
80000008 0005
8000000A 0006
8000000C 0007
8000000E 0008
80000010 0009
80000012 000A

B00A0002 00000001 <-------function code
80000000 0001<-----first code

give you one more example:

8009C230 C600
8009C232 C601
8009C234 C602
+2 hex to...
8009C42E C6FF
B1000002-00000001 <------function code
8009C230-C600 <------first code

When facing codes begin with "E"
"E" function is multiple function of "D"
eg. 1
e008C158 014e 0003 --------- 0003 is the number of codes being executed
3008C156 0040
3008Cd4C 0000
300d34d0 0040

is equivalent to

D008C158 014E ---------1:If memory address 8008C158 have value 014E
3008C156 0040                     then execute code 3008C156 0040.
D008C158 014E -------------etc
3008Cd4C 0000
D008C158 014E -----------etc
300d34d0 0040

E00A74FC 18230002 ---------0002 is the number of codes being executed
800EEF58 0000
800EF0F8 0000
is equivalent to
D00A74FC 1823
800EEF58 0000
D00A74FC 1823
800EF0F8 0000

eg. 3 ----act as a joker command (it is useful when you need to enable
many codes by joker command)
Press (L2+R2)
E0057D78 00030005 ----- 0005 is the number of codes being executed , 0003
is the joker digit for L2, R2
B0050002 00000000
8008A358 FFFF
is equivalent to
D0057D78 0003
8008A358 FFFF
D0057D78 0003
8008A35A FFFF
D0057D78 0003
8008A35C FFFF
D0057D78 0003
8008A35E FFFF
D0057D78 0003
8008A360 FFFF


Q:What is CodeQuest ?
A: CodeQuest is a code convertor that transform caetla format code to normarl code format .
Q:Why need CodeQuest ?
A: As there are many people ask about how to enter the codes start with "B" which their par can't support this code format.Now we have the convertor to transform caetla format to normal format which is suitable for all par.

Download CodeQuest Here   (18.6K)

Thanks for Cosmow provided this programe.